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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Stay in Serviced Apartments and Not Hotels

Why do we stay in hotels?

Staying in hotels is no longer an extravagant luxury. Nowadays, it is the norm for people to stay in hotels when they travel. The reason for this can be attributed to the convenience of having all their needs provided to them by hotel staff.

People stay in hotels for many reasons. Some of them are because they want to visit new places but cannot afford to rent an entire apartment. Others might be traveling on business where serviced apartments are not available or don't suit their needs. Whatever the reason, there are some differences between hotels and serviced apartments that travelers should know about before making a decision.

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments are furnished short-term accommodation units that offer the comfort of a hotel room but in a more cost-effective manner.

Serviced apartments are usually rented by corporate or business clients, who pay for everything from the cleaning to the staff service. These units offer corporate/business employees temporary living arrangements when they’re on short or long-term business assignments or if they are on holiday in an unfamiliar city.

Serviced apartments are also rented by individual travelers such as families and couples, who find them much cheaper than hotels and often with better amenities.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

Serviced apartments are a great alternative to hotels. Here are five reasons why you should stay in serviced apartments instead of hotels.

#1. You will pay less by choosing to stay at a serviced apartment instead of a hotel. A serviced apartment offers room rates that are often cheaper than hotel rooms. You can expect to save 30% or sometimes even half the price when booking at a serviced apartment instead of staying at a hotel.

#2. You can cook your own food at serviced apartments, which is impossible at many hotel chains. One of the biggest perks of staying at a serviced apartment is that you can cook your own food. Unlike most hotels, serviced apartments allow their guests to cook their own meals just like they would at home. This feature is especially great for those who want to save money and cook for themselves.

#3. Serviced apartments typically offer more space than hotel rooms and often at a lower price point. One of the most common complaints about hotels is the lack of space. Serviced apartments offer more space and often at a lower price than a hotel room.

#4. Serviced apartments are more comfortable and cosier than a hotel, they have a more home-like atmosphere, and are more affordable. Serviced apartments are a great option for people who want the comforts of home away from home.

#5. You can enjoy your stay at a serviced apartment in peace and solitude. They provide you with all the amenities bundled together as a single package. You can relax and be yourself without having to worry about what other guests staying nearby think of your conversations or other sounds. You can browse the internet, work from home, watch movies and more - all without having to leave the comfort of your apartment.

All these benefits are just some of the many reasons why people move into serviced apartments.

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