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The Six Best Things to do in Coventry During Your Business Trip

Why Coventry is the perfect place to build, trade, and do business

Coventry is one of the most influential cities in the UK for business. From being home to thriving centres of industry to being a city on the rise, Coventry has been recognised as a place to do business.

Coventry's global appeal and position as a manufacturing powerhouse makes it an ideal destination for businesses looking for investment opportunities. The city also offers a strong entrepreneurial culture and is full of talented people who are working hard to build Coventry into a world-leading centre for future industries.

There are many reasons why Coventry is such a great place to build and do business. They include:

1. Low cost of living

2. Fast transport links across UK and Europe

3. Huge range of property types to suit any need

4. Beautiful countryside to explore

5. Wide selection of leisure activities for all tastes

Top 6 Things To Do in Coventry on your Business Trip

If you are looking for some fun during your business trip, Coventry is the perfect place to be. Check out these top 6 things to do in Coventry on your business trips.

#1 The Coventry Building Society Arena (Previously The Ricoh Arena)

The Coventry Building Society Arena is a great place to experience world-class sports events and it is also home to football clubs Coventry City FC and Wasps FC.

#2 Visit the Midland Air Museum

The Midland Air Museum is a museum about aviation, located near Coventry Airport. It was opened on the 15th of September, 1993. The Midland Air Museum Coventry hosts many exhibits to educate people about aviation. One of the exhibits is the Lancaster bomber which is one of only two in existence in the world today.

#3 Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in the Coventry area. The castle itself has been around since 1067, which makes it one of the oldest castles in England. It was originally built by William the Conqueror to act as a military defense for his new kingdom, and it still remains a good alternative to Windsor Castle today. The castle has been preserved and every year Warwick Castle hosts many different events which includes live music, craft beer festivals and even its very own Christmas market.

#4 Visit the Cathedral Church of Saint Michael (Coventry Cathedral)

Here you will find over 100 Medieval tombs that are notable for their varying degrees of preservation and artistic value. This is one of the most spectacular cathedrals in England and you should try it out if you are visiting Coventry!

#5 Visit the Coventry Transport Museum

Where you can experience all kinds of transport from horse-drawn carriages to trains. You will be able to admire the first motorcar built in Coventry or go on a cycling tour with some vintage bikes!

#6 Visit the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

The museum has exhibits on local artists who are still alive today as well as other pieces from around 800 BCE through 1999 CE. You'll find everything from paintings by Edward Hopper to objects made by contemporary artists like Damien Hirst at this gallery.

I hope you’ve loved our bunch of options to make your business trip in Coventry super fun. If you need somewhere to stay in Coventry then we have got you covered. Patternbricks Apartments specializes in furnished accommodations for business guests and you can stay from just a few nights to several weeks or months or even Monday to Friday stays are very welcomed. Get in touch today and let’s give you our best quote.

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